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Life Readiness Kit – 7 Values in a box

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7 Values in a box

Tongue Tales
YES Generation!
Big Bounce
Soldiers of Soil
Money Musketeers
Do It Yourself

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7 Values in a box

I-Superstar: Self-esteem is every child’s ticket to a lifetime of mental health and social happiness. It’s this groundwork that will contribute to your child’s well-being and the key to their success as an adult. Through I Superstar workshop, watch your kids naturally grow into happy and confident individuals.

Tongue Tales: Imagine if one had to play Dum-charades all their lives. Un-imaginable right? Our world exists in the power of language and communication. Through ‘Tongue Tales’ we introduce children to this wonderful universe of self-expression.

YES Generation!: Escape the unending barrage of No’s. Try these strategies to turn your talking-back toddler into a ‘YES’ kid. Get your child to say yes to veggies, a new art, a new friend, just about anything that a child would resist.

Big Bounce: This program is designed to support a child in developing the ability to confidently manage the ups and downs, wins and failures that are part of their growing up years. Raise resilient children with a step-by-step guide.

Soldiers of Soil:  Helps kids sustain the planet and improve the quality of life for all. To help your children make a positive contribution to this mission, join the S.O.S program – Be aware of the environmental and social consequences of their own and other’s actions.

Money Musketeers: Teaching a child to value money at an early age sets a strong foundation to raise them be a conscious spender, thrifty saver and a heartfelt giver throughout their lives.

Do It Yourself: This program is a fun way of looking at getting your children to follow routines on their own. Raising them to become independent and disciplined was never so much fun.

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