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Work Life Balance is a Myth


As a working woman and a mother, every time I think of work-life balance, I feel I am living in FANTASIA…. Do you know what fantasia means?

It’s a space where you want to belong, but in reality, it is next to IMPOSSIBLE.

And this is how it looks:

  • I wish I could finish more work in half time
  • I wish there were no weekends
  • I wish I could have an all in one robot to assist me 24×7
  • I wish I had more time to accomplish all the ideas that I generate…. And the list is never-ending

And all of this, if I have to sum it up is a wish to have a work-life balance. Well, do you wish for the same? Then, I am here to share with you that this IS one of the biggest illusions. There is nothing called as the work-life balance because our life is full of surprises, and we do have events cropping up that we never planned for.

And it is through this that we need to live through, progress and evolve each day while we aim at achieving our goals, pursuing our passions and living our life of fulfilment.

So, let’s take a look at the most common myths that come with living an illusion called Work-Life Balance

#1 Balancing is doing well in all areas of life at all times

Balance is often misunderstood

As you seem to be constantly seeking balance.

However, BALANCE IS NOT SOMETHING YOU FIND every time, IT IS SOMETHING YOU CREATE. It’s about creating space for things, people, events that matter to you most at that point in time. Balancing is about understanding what’s important, what you want to attend to and requires only your expertise & attention. 

So, stop looking out for it at all times. Learn to prioritize on things, and along with it, learn to gracefully let go. There is a lot of wisdom in letting go of what’s not in your control. There will be times when striking a balance might be impossible. Understand that you can’t be everywhere at all times striking a perfect 10/10.

#2 Women = Balancing experts

Life is full of imbalances and imperfections. As mothers, we pressurize ourselves with this need to be perfect in every aspect of life, though it is important that we embrace our imperfections. We need to see the value in the uncertainties & imbalance rather than denying it and living the myth that women need to be perfect. Once you embrace your imperfections, you just need to develop some coping mechanisms that can assist you to achieve what is on your list of ‘to do’ things.

#3 The amazing ‘Know-It-Alls’ have it all together

As a Mom, there are always more things to do and take care of…. And there are more moments of overwhelm and confusion than of peace and clarity. Life keeps throwing at you newer experiences and newer challenges and thus no rules that can put things in black and white can ever be kept handy. But, the act is that this is the case with ALL, I mean each and every one of us. No exceptions here. SO, there are no superwomen who have it all, or there aren’t any moms who get an A+ in all areas of their lives.

So, if you feel guilty and blame yourself for not being good enough, then stop now. If you find yourself succeeding in one area and berating yourself for failing in other, then you have to listen to none other than Shonda Rhimes; a very successful American TV producer, screenwriter and an author, also listed as top 100 people who shape the world by Time’s magazine.

Now, you know that almost everyone whether it’s your best friend, colleagues or some of the very successful women out there in the world have a similar set of challenges as you and I do when it comes to achieving work-life balance.

Hope these insights help you to break the myths that come with this illusion.

Step out and create your own definition of ‘balance’ and create it.

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