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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need To De-clutter Today

Summer holidays are equally important to parents as they are to kids. Holidays bring in more breathing space. And one of the best things to add to your TO DO LIST is to DECLUTTER.

De-cluttering is not just a physical practice to remove the unwanted things but there is a much deeper insight into this practice. While the thought of de-cluttering can be overwhelming, we give you top 3 reasons to get you started.

De-cluttering is one of the ways to get your life organized!!!

  1. It saves you TIME: Well, think of this, how many times you have spent more time looking for things than actually using them… ‘A lot’ to say the least. When you de-clutter sincerely, you will be left with only those things that you need. And all you have to do is just organize those things well. This is surely going to save you a lot of time.

#Tip: You could buy a lot of smart organizers to keep your things in place. These are simple and extremely effective.

  1. Physical Clutter = Emotional Clutter: Most often than not, we put a lot of sentiments into physical things. This means physical clutter equals to emotional clutter. Thus, freeing up physical clutter means freeing up emotional clutter. While this can become an overwhelming experience, you can surely plan it out. You can do it once a month or once every quarter and start with smaller spaces.

The best way to go about this is that every time you pick up anything in your hand ask yourself, “Does this bring a smile to my face?’ well, if not then it is time for you to let it go with a heartfelt thank you. This will repurpose everything that you keep and instil in you a feeling of gratitude at the end of the entire process.

#Tip: Ideally if you are not using a thing for more than a year, it is most probably going to see the thrash.

  1. It is an ACT of LETTING GO: As human beings, we tend to cling to things, patterns, and people. Some of them are just so difficult to release. We hold onto things to feel complete. Letting go can be a painful process but it is very important. As Deepak Chopra rightly said, “In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself”.

The universe loves symbolic gestures. So, this exercise of de-cluttering will assist you in letting go of all those beliefs that are no more serving you. The act of tidying up is facing yourself.

#Tip: To make this process easy especially for the things that you feel difficult to let go, you can say, “THANK YOU for serving me” and then put into the trash bin.

Hope this was insightful for you to take some action today. So, don’t procrastinate, do it today and lighten up your spirit and make your house a very positive place, welcoming newer and more uplifting experiences.

BONUS: Get tips on How to De-clutter from none other than Marie Kondo.

(Marie Kondo is a Japanese Organizing consultant, #1New York best-selling author and 100 most Influential people of 2015 as per Time Magazine)


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Contributed by: Dhara Purohit

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