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3 Tips on How To Celebrate ‘Read a book’ Day EVERYDAY

Children are made Readers in the laps of their parents


That is so true; as I remember doing this exact thing with Tisha. I introduced this habit very early on in her life. While some kids can’t stop reading, the vast majority are hooked onto laptops, phones and TV. As much as ‘reading’ is an important habit to inculcate, it can get very tricky on how you can introduce this healthy habit early on in your child’s life.

I think Read a Book Day is the perfect opportunity to introduce your kids to the world of books if they haven’t experienced the joy and happiness of immersing themselves into the world of books.

Get your kids to realise /understand that entertainment and adventure can be experienced and enjoyed beyond the realm of gadgets.

 In a world of increasing technology, celebrate this day to help your kids fall in love with books. Give them their favourite cookies along with a cosy corner and give them access to various genres of books. I hope you enjoyed watching the wonderful video crafted by Tisha (my daughter) for all the book lovers and newbies to the world of book-adventure.

Happy Reading!

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