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How to Create Positive relationship with your child

How To Build a Positive Relationship With Your Child in 2020

A relationship is a slow cumulation of daily interactions. Every relationship that you build is a result of the choices you make on a day to day basis, including the non-verbal form of communication. You must handle one brick at a time in the foundation of your relationship. Creating a positive relationship with your child takes a little extra work, and following these tips will help you glide through the process of creating a lifelong relationship with your child that you will cherish.

These 4 effective tips will help you build a strong positive relationship with your child.


  1. Learn to detach:  Every child goes through a series of emotions and is bound to behave awkwardly. Throwing tantrums is part of growing up and is not limited to toddlers alone. You need to understand that such behaviour is a consequence of tangled up feelings, their inability to express themselves and their emotions appropriately. Such times the easiest thing to do is lash out on them or just close off or both. Taking this personally will wound you and will worsen the situation. So allow the moment to pass, and learn to be impersonal about it and know when to detach.

  1. Be empathetic: Trust and respect are the components for a healthy foundation in a positive relationship. Earn your child’s trust. Following through a promise to play a game later, not breaking a confidence, picking them up on time, these are some of the small gestures that help you earn their trust. Similarly, respect is mutual. When you set the limits for your child in an empathetic manner, you help them learn to treat others with respect and also expect to be treated respectfully. With empathy as the premise of your actions, you are showing authentic kindness and inculcating the same in them.

  1. Stay available: To ensure that you are available for your child is more about a state of mind. It is impossible to be physically present around them all the time. But assuring them your emotional availability is enough to build a strong positive bond with them. Do not let little riffs build up. Every difficult situation is an opportunity to get closer or create a distance. The choice is yours. So, confront it and work through it positively.

  1. Be your child’s greatest cheerleader: Learn the ways of nature to nurture your child. Imagine if a plant that is expected to flower suddenly seems to drop. What do you do? Do you yell and criticize the plant and ask it to straighten up? No, you check if the plant needs more sunlight or water and provide the same for it to flower. The same is the case with your child. When you believe that your child is meant to blossom and flourish, you will look at the awkward behaviour as a signal to see what is it that they need more in that hour. Resist your impulse to punish. Encouraging your child will help reinforce self-assurance, and make them self-reliant.

Remember, every interaction contributes to the way the children form their views of themselves and the world. Build a positive relationship with your child to help them see their inherent goodness and the immense capability to achieve great things out in the world.

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