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6 Most Powerful Skills For Your 6 year old

Equip Your Child For The Real-world With Life Readiness Skills

The world is full of opportunities, however, we all have to face challenges on our journey on this planet. So, hoping that your child will never have to face any challenges in his life is futile. Nurturing essential skills in them is the key to equip your kids for this real-world will help them thrive not just in classrooms but in every other aspect of life too.

Let us look at 6 essential skills that you can foster by the age of 6 building a powerful foundation for their future.

Instil Grooming Skills in Kids

  1. Basic Grooming: While this may seem a very trivial skill, it is the first and easiest step to inculcate self- reliance in them. The best way to get them started is by :
  • Teach them to brush their teeth, wash their face and gradually leading them to a point where they can bathe without your assistance
  • Putting her clothes back into the cupboard after use 

  1. Small Chores and Basic Cooking: Handling small chores and knowing basic cooking is an integral part of daily living. This is a fun way to instil values like discipline, teamwork and an attitude of offering help. You can start with :
  • Asking him to put his toys away
  • Clear his plates after meals 
  • Dusting to reach in easy-to-clean places 

The act of cooking enhances one’s cognitive skills. You can encourage your child to cook by assigning safe tasks such as:

  • Teaching your child to mix and stir 
  • Make a basic meal like a sandwich
  • Help put groceries away


  1. Positive Social Skills: The world today is dominated by gadgets, and with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, it is crucial to strengthen this life skill. You can start with:
  • Teaching them how to differentiate between good and bad strangers
  • Different ways of greeting
  • Helping them carry out small talks and exchange pleasantries

  1. Time Management: Accountability strengthens one’s integrity and integrity shapes your character. One of the ways to instil accountability and responsibility in your child is by teaching them to manage their time. You can instil this in small and effective ways by:
  • Giving them an alarm clock and asking them to use it to wake up on time
  • Getting a fun planner to track their school work and other extracurricular activities


  1. Safety and Decision-Making skills: In case of an emergency or emergence of an unforeseen event, it is useful that the child knows how to make an emergency call to her parents, and knowing the home address. Decision making is by far a non-negotiable life skill that is required to live well in today’s world. It is not about ensuring that your child takes the right decision. It is fostering his ability to decide and learn that every decision is backed with a set of consequences. To instil this you can start with :
  • Asking them to choose their clothes to wear
  • Teaching them the concept of money and understanding basic denominations

  1. Problem-solving skills: Help your child to be solution-oriented. This will enable her to think critically, observe closely, analyze wisely and align themselves with a solution. The way to do it is :
  • Turn their questions into mini-projects
  • Let them do the research and you can supervise it 


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Remember that by the age of 6, kids have developed the foundation of their personality and instilling such life skills will equip them for the real world. Strengthening these skills will help your child function fairly independently in the house, and also enhance their emotional intelligence. Enjoy parenting while you prepare your kids for real-world and great success!


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