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How to bring out the best version of your child

We are living in a rapidly changing world. This constantly demands us to cope with the changes at a lightning speed. In such an environment, parenting can become very stressful rather than it being one of the most joyful experiences of life.

One of the key things that parents seem to struggle with is how to cope with being the BEST VERSION of them so that they can be role models to their children. Let’s take a pause and understand what does being a ‘role model’ mean.

A role model is a subject of direct admiration and emulation. You as a parent are the first and the most impactful role model in your child’s life. The reason being they are dependent on you for every aspect of their life until a certain age. And the emotional ties are beyond the boundaries of any age group. This gives you an opportunity to inspire them to strive and develop without actually giving directions. Kids learn more through observations than listening to instructions. So it is a perfect example of monkey see monkey do. In short, you need to emulate all those traits and characteristics that you want in your child. This is the best way to teach them.

This may sound overwhelming but, if you look at ‘parenting’ a little differently then this can be one of the best personal growth opportunity which will bring out the BEST VERSION of yourself. This truly can be the most blissful experience. The only fact which you need to imbibe is that, BEING AN AWESOME PERSON IS AN ONGOING PROCESS….and as a consequence you will inspire your children to be one.

So, here are 3 powerful insights and tips that will help you lead through an example with traits to build a character in your kids:


What will you get if you squeeze an orange? An apple juice or an orange juice? Well, it is orange juice and this is a no brainer.

Same is with you. If you respond to stress in your life by lashing out negative emotions, it is time to check what is within you. Maybe it is time to start taking good care of yourself. Eat healthy, spend some time exercising, read and watch more of positive things. In short, feed your mind, body, and spirit with right things. So when life squeezes you, you ooze out nothing but wisdom and love. This way you will learn and be an example of how to handle negative emotions and tests in life with grace. Stop complaining and be more grateful. When you do this, so will your child.


Being dependable ensures you nurture in them the trait of keeping up promises. This can be a great way to guide them in inculcating healthy habits and rewarding them for the same. Rewards are a way to teach them cause and effect.

For example telling your child: “I promise to take you out today for a walk in the park, once you have cleaned up your room.” And ensure that you keep up your promise against all odds. Don’t give into any other obligations.


When you open up your heart and make that sincere effort to check in with yourself, you can never go wrong. Firstly, it is important to acknowledge the fact that being a parent doesn’t mean you are God and everything that you do is right or perfect. Bringing up kids is a learning experience for both. Sometimes it is the parents who teach and other times the learning comes from kids. So, be open to this idea. Be vulnerable, wise and graceful.

For example, you can invite conversations with your child saying:

“I think I am spending too much time watching TV. Maybe it is time for me to start spending more time reading. It really feels more meaningful”. (And then, do inculcate that habit of reading in yourself first). So, as you evaluate yourself and share the same, you lead them to accept the fact that, growing and becoming better is an ongoing, consistent process. Kids thrive on consistency and reliability, without it, they may be feel unsupported and aimless.

So, are you ready to step up to be the BEST VERSION of yourself? Well, hope we have provided you with some inspiration to get started. Parenting is a wonderful opportunity to bring out the best in you. Don’t be stressed about it, don’t worry about teaching your children right things, just work on yourself and they will follow you only to bring out the best in themselves.

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Contributed by: Dhara Purohit

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