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How To Boost Your Child’s Mind Power?

A healthy, active and holistic lifestyle is responsible for your child’s overall growth. While the lifestyle changes you inculcate will depend upon the age of the child, I am going to share six fundamentals that will boost your child’s mind power and cover a spectrum of EQ to IQ and make your child success ready.

Girl eating watermelon

 1. Food Wisdom: One of the most challenging tasks is to deal with kids’ junk-food eating habits. This is something that most parents have to deal with these days. However, the biggest mistake that most of them commit is that they forbid foods or use foods as rewards. The solution is not to say ‘No’, as forbidding only increases a child’s desire for that food. To begin with, limiting the portion size and give them interesting options to choose from. In short, make healthy food as exciting as junk food. 


Boy Playing

 2. Encourage Outdoor Activities: There is a strong relation between mind and body. When your body is healthy, it brings in an enormous sense of overall well-being. This will sharpen their memory power and boost their overall mood. Physical activities will channelize their energies, and there will be fewer mood swings and tantrums, building resilience in your child.


Child meditating

3. Introduce Mindfulness techniques: One of the best ways, to begin with, is to ban screen at mealtimes and help your child focus on their food by being present at the dinner table. You can initiate a conversation that talks about various flavours, taste, aroma, etc., that will ensure that your child pays attention to his food. This cultivates self-awareness and empathy, reduces anxiety and improves cognitive performance too.


Boy colouring

4. Cultivate Innovation:   This subtler aspect of the mind establishes your child’s connection with themselves in every way- physically, emotionally and mentally. It nurtures their ability to control, evaluate and control their emotions, bringing in more clarity, confidence and making them solution-oriented. You can check out THE BIG LEAP VALUES KIT here. This is specifically designed to implement the science of mind and with an intent to help your child to explore the unknown and come up with creative ideas and solutions.

 Girl Sleeping

5. Monitor Sleep Quality:  Sleep disturbances are recognized as one of the common problems among kids, especially when they are in their adolescents. Having disturbed sleep patterns harms the child’s mind and on a variety of daily functions. So, ensure a healthy sleep routine for your child as this will strengthen your child’s focus. They will be highly active in strengthening their immune system as well.



6. Nurture the habit to have Conversations:  Today virtual world seems to overpower one’s life in many ways. No matter how old your child is today, the distance between them getting hooked on to the technology and the virtual world is only reducing with each day. So, I encourage that you consciously spend time and foster the habit to converse with your children. Through conversations, they will learn to understand others’ perspectives, manage disagreements and even imbibe the art of negotiating. And these are qualities of a great leader.


In today’s scenario and fast-paced life, where instant gratification has become the mantra, you must pause and reflect on the lifestyle changes that you can inculcate in your everyday living and make your kids success ready. I hope these tips get you started today!


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