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5 Simple Steps To Help Your Child Set Goals Effectively

A goal setting is an essential element of success. The inception of the academic year and the start of a new calendar year seem to be the two most favourite times, and parents choose to make a change or the two in their routines. However, it is not advisable to wait for that moment; goals can be set anytime for faster and better achievement. The academic period is an exciting time for both the parents and their children. The anticipations and expectations of everyone are high for academic success and accomplishment. 

However, what can you do to keep this tempo for the entire period of the year? What can you do to sustain the learning impetus and your child’s enthusiasm? Begin the conversation and set goals together. 

The following under listed tips can be used by the parents to assist their children to set goals for their academic and entire life success. If parents as an accountability partner can integrate these tips into their family’s daily routine, greater confidence and self-esteem can easily be achieved by any child at any stage of their life.

 #1. Quickly Act & Set Goals Promptly

Before the school resumption, you and your child should come together and evaluate the concluded year’s report card. Deliberate achievements and areas that require improvement and have a proper goal setting in each subject area. An earlier goal setting will make your child to be happy and bold and has the instinct to succeed throughout the school calendar year. You as an accountability partner should ensure your child starts strong for him to stay ahead.

 #2. Carefully Pay Attention To The Goal Setting Process

Pay attention carefully to the goals they would wish to set for the year. Don’t let them be limited to the academics, let the extra-curricular activities such as sports and clubs be included. Calm yourself down and demonstrate to your children that you are in support of them. You can see that they are going to reveal some things to you than your expectations. Ask about what is disturbing them. Is there anything that is particularly giving them concerned? Ask about the biggest challenges they confronted last year.

3. Ensure You Set Goals That Are Attainable, Assessable, and Believable

Effective goal setting refers to the goals are attainable, assessable, and believable.

Attainability means goals must be set at a level that is more innovative than the level the child is presently working. But not to the level that will be so high that it is unattainable or unreachable.

Moreover, an assessable goal must be measurable so that the progress and success must be able to be tracked by both the parents and students.

Believable: there must be a trust from the children about the goal and have confidence in their ability to accomplish it for success.

 #4. Set goals that are significant to your child

Children must be inspired, else there will be no accomplishment. The children must see the goal as being of significance to them. The goal must be affirmative and helpful for them to act on it. Don’t forget the goals are very special and individual so ensure the goal rightly reflects who your children are.

 #5. Be a supportive, humble and inspiring

As accountability partners demonstrate to your children your respect by discussing together their goals. Let your children take the lead.

Show the respect of what they are trying to accomplish and make them realize you are available to assist them and know that you are there to help them and inspire them of the step of their life.

In conclusion, there is nothing more encouraging to children than to triumph at the goals they have put a lot of effort to achieve. So as an accountability partner, when your children met their goals they have set for the year celebrate them, the Positive re-enforcement serves as a means of encouragement for a child to set new goals and carry on the pathway to success.


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