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A girl showing Thumb Up after scoring an A on her exam

7 Ways To Help Your Child Get Through Exam

The exam is the simplest form of challenge that children encounter in their life. And a night before the exam is crucial.

Seven tips to help parents and children get through the exams

  1. Do not over hype the importance of any examination

The exam is there to evaluate your child’s skills. And skills can always be improved upon. They do not define anything. So, parents please remind yourself that exams do not define your child’s worth or their future.  So relax and let your child take the exam in their stride as, your kids will do well in life, even if they do not top their class this time.


  1. Keep their meals simple

Whatever you eat affects not just your physical state but even your mental state. So, offer them tasty but healthy home-cooked meals. Not the ones that will induce lethargy and slow down their thinking. Avoid restaurant foods during exams coz you don’t want your children to have an upset stomach from bad food


  1. Help them review their study notes

A night before the exams should be kept for simple revision. Do not overload your children and transfer your anxiety to them. Revise topics one by one and only the ones that your child has already learnt. Try not to take any new lessons for the first time. Good night rest is a must before the exams.

  1. Talk it out

Spend some time with your kids by understanding if they are anxious, tensed or if anything is bothering them. Sometimes as a parent you may not pressurize them, but they may be stressed due to peer pressure, or expectations of their teachers in schools. so talk to them to evaluate if they are suffering from anxiety, use some relaxation techniques with them.

  1. Plan their break

Teach your kids to relax, and help them unwind. Some parents get angered if they see their children away from their books unfortunately, this work against their memory. Breaks are very helpful and allow the child to learn more and retain better. Because, when they unwind it is easier for their brain to process the information they have spent the evening reviewing. Plan a break every 30-40 mins

  1. Ensure a mindful sleep

Strictly no dozing off when studying and waking up like a zombie. So, pls ensure that your kids take time out before bed to put away study notes and relax. Let them enter the sleep mode mindfully and not stay exhausted.


  1. Visualize a positive outcome

Attitude affects test scores. Help your kids think positively and do not obsesses over the possibility of bad performance or failure. Assist them in visualizing a positive outcome. This works wonders.

Let your child know that your love and support towards them doesn’t depend on their exam results or grades. Give them as much encouragement and support during these times, they need it the most NOW!

I wish each and every child and parent taking exams All The Best!

Dr. Poonam is a Psychologist, an upcoming Author & a Personal Growth Coach for kids and young adults. She is on A mission to empower Parents & Educators to create an EXTRAORDINARY world by helping children unleash their fullest potential and BE UNSTOPPABLE! in class and life.

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