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Dealing with Temper Tantrums

How To Deal With a Temper Tantrum In a Mall

Kids are extremely cute and adorable, but when they throw a tantrum, you want to escape the scene. So here are 3 simple ways to tame your child’s temper tantrum in a public place

Children learn to identify and manage their emotions by the time they start going to school. But this differs from child to child, and all of them may not be able to take control of their emotions and express themselves appropriately. Thus, as parents, it’s crucial to identify if the tantrums are because they are tired, hungry and uncomfortable or is it because you said NO to something they wanted, like a toy, chocolate or book etc. from a store in the mall they just saw.

3 simple steps to avoid a Temper Tantrum in a public place



Don’t join the chaos: Train your self to stay calm yourself – It can be extremely embarrassing to face lots of angry eyes, wondering when you would get a handle on your situation. But, precisely this minute, you got to remind yourself that your responsibility is more towards the child rather than the people watching you. Take a moment and step away from the child to compose yourself and then move into solving the challenge at hand – Dealing with a temper tantrum.

Prevention is better than cure: Always set the tone before you leave for the mall, playground, relative’s home. Explain to the child that if a situation arises where s/he throws a tantrum for any unnecessary want, it won’t be met. This discussion helps the child know about the consequences of their action pre-hand. This will help a parent to avoid a temper tantrum. But if the preparation didn’t help, then you are taking a test now; Stop and don’t give into the tantrum. Hold your ground and restate the rule you mentioned at home. Allow the child to remember what was decided and agreed upon.

Calm the child: In spite of stating the expected behaviour, the inevitable has happened and your child did throw a temper tantrum afterall. Which means the child is still learning the skills of how to manage emotions and communicate appropriately with the parent. Stay with the child, calm him/her down, keeping in mind that the tone of your voice has to be gentle but firm. The child needs to know that s/he will get support, but won’t get the thing s/he is asking for. Offer a hug, napkin, water and move on to communicate normally.

Simple yet not easy but surely very effective; these tips will help you not only handle the situation but also train your child to express their wants appropriately. Eventually, your child will stop throwing temper tantrums and share her/his feelings, wants and desires and also learn to come to agreements with you.

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