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Build Resilience To Help Your Child Cope With Real Life Challenges

Build Resilience To Help Your Child Cope With Real Life Challenges

Building RESILIENCE in our children is the only way we can ensure they can cope with real-life challenges with their best of abilities

There are many lessons that we want to impart to our children; even a lifetime would seem insufficient. However, one of the single most important qualities that you may want to nurture in your child is -Resilience. Facing difficult situations are an unavoidable part of life. No matter how much you wish that your child must never face them, it is not going to happen. So, instead of wallowing in worry, why not help them develop their coping mechanisms and make them super resilient.

Developing your child’s coping skills will help them work their way through stress, worries and have a strong ability to bounce back from difficulties. So, here are 4 interesting ways in which you can prepare your kids to deal with challenges that life may throw at them.

1. Be mindful of what you encourage :

Are you encouraging healthy habits or unintentionally fueling their unhealthy practices? Healthy habits like asking for help, saying sorry and staying calm are the options that your child seeks instead of blaming others and throwing excessive tantrums. For this to happen, introduce them to ways of asking help. Let them know that there is nothing to feel embarrassed or weak when they ask for help. Buiding their resilience doesn’t mean they got to toughen up and stop being vulnerable.

2. Set intentional fun challenges for your kids:

From time to time, set some fun activities but challenging in nature for your kids. For example, get them to do daily simple tasks for 15-30 mins with their non-dominant hand. This will strengthen their neural connections, force them to look at things in a new way making them more aware and conscious as they have fun exploring it. 

3. Bring in healthy ways to channel feelings every day:

Give names to feelings and bring them up in daily conversations. Resilience building is an everyday activity. Check-in regularly with your child what happened during the day, and is there any concern that she would like to share. Make this a routine and a normal thing. When kids learn to voice their feelings without feeling judged, they won’t suppress it. And with this, they will seek for a solution and will be ready to face it head-on. 

 4. Find your child’s trigger points:

Every child has a trigger point. These trigger points are often related to unaddressed feelings or could be a result of the suppression of feelings. In order to build their resilience, observe situations that are toughest for your child. And then, instead of changing these situations, note the activities that calm them down naturally, suggest to these during such times. Over time, your kids will turn to these coping mechanisms on their own. You make them self-reliant by helping them anchor in healthy, calming activities.

Sometimes you may feel their your child’s challenges are so trivial. But for them, they are really big in their mind. So, please do not belittle them about how they feel. Work with them and help them discover their healthy coping strategies. And in doing so you will raise mentally healthy and resilient adults.


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