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A 7-day guide to fun bonding time for ‘mom-child’

Children might not remember the costly gifts and all the luxuries you provide as much as they remember the time spent with them creating memories

If you are wondering what might interest your kids this summer vacation, Look no furtherrrrrrrrr. Coz its YOUUUUU! and the fun bonding time (Minus the gadgets) they need with you. Children are happiest and brightest when they are with their mothers.

You get extra bonus/Brownie points for giving undivided attention 🙂

1) Keep the conversation going ….Listen, Talk, Share experiences:

Kids love to talk, share experiences and tell tales. All they need is 100 % attention and 0 distraction time. It’s amazing how they want to share their understanding of the world. It is through this exchange that you get a sneak peek into their world. Listen and observe their language, their creativity, their narration, and the kind of stories. This will tell you a lot about their feelings, emotions and experiences. Conversations are the best way of expressing and communicating not just with you but also with the whole world. What could be better for them than learning to share everything on a daily basis with their mother first?

The best part about vacations is that even if we are stressed or overwhelmed about what the kids will do and how they will spend their time. The kids are more relaxed, are at peace and in a zone where they want to be themselves. There’s not much homework, no studies, no back-to-back classes. A free spirited mind works wonders. Once you start this daily regime of chatting up with them, will you know their heightened sense of awareness and knowledge they posses. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two from them this way. 🙂

Few cues on how to go about this tip!

  • Talk together in general
  • Talk about books with your child
  • Read and show colourful large print books with illustrations. Pictures are very significant in child’s life.
  • Ask them to come up with a new story

2) Involving kids and exposing them to philanthropic work

We recommend investing some time in community work. The joy one can experience, especially kids is worth the work – they not only will be filled with the sense of gratitude and pride spreading happiness, bringing a smile on someone’s face. The work isn’t important, coz you can choose from the zillions of lovely ideas that many good souls are already working day and night for, it can just about ANYTHING that you could find in the neighborhood itself.

Few cues on how to go about this tip!

  • Visit an old age home,
  • Visit & spend time and play with kids at an orphanage,
  • With SWACHH Bharat campaign in full swing get into waste management/ segregation of wet and dry waste and recycle trash within the society premises and set an example for the locality
  • Engage reading and colouring activities for the under-privileged kids to name a few

3) Treat ART as a vital part of education

While an excellent/above average education is being imparted to kids these days, I feel there’s so much more room for improvement. Inspite of the tremendous positive impact that art education or exposure can give us, our children don’t have as much access. Subjects like arts, dance, music, theatre should be integrated well with other mainstream education. Art, dance music theatre plays a very important role in the overall development of the child. While our kids may/might be missing this large chunk of quality experience here’s what we can do to introduce them to the world of art, creativity and culture.

Few cues on how to go about this tip!

  • Attend and appreciate and evaluate music and performances.
  • Enroll them for workshops that expose them to varied art forms. Be it dance, theatre anything works
  • Sing, play music, paint a doodle, dance with your child at home.
  • Encourage your child to participate in creative outlets and celebrate their participation in art activities both in their school and the community.

4) Introduce them to the art and skill of Cooking

Cooking is an extremely imp skill, especially today. With so many shopping malls and theatres, promoting junk and quick and easy meals, it’s important that we expose them to the joy and fulfilment that cooking can get. What’s better is that it actually serves as a great opportunity for better bonding and also increases their skills that will eventually help them in working with teams with ease, learning an important livelihood skill. It also allows them to make healthier choices, which in turn promotes a healthy lifestyle.

In the current obesity epidemic, A research conducted suggested that actually allowing the child to cook up healthy meals in the kitchen can promote healthy living, which is a pleasant new in the current obesity epidemic. As a mother, I always encourage my daughter and support her in case she wants to be a part of anything I may be preparing in the kitchen.

Rather than saying no, engage them with age appropriate activities so that they are motivated and inspired to repeat similar acts later on. Always capitalise on their enthusiasm and readiness

Few cues on how to go about this tip!

  • Allow them to watch young talented budding cooks on Masterchef or similar reality shows.
  • Trying out simple and easy meals, involving kids in menu planning for the week.
  • Taking them out for vegetable shopping.
  • All these activities will not only help them get aware about various kitchen tools, equipment but also understanding the process and promote independence in the long run.

5) Take your kid on a movie marathon

Pic courtesy: Movie Web

This summer has few awesome releases like the Guardians of the Galaxy (vol 2), Boss Baby, Smurfs: The lost village, A dog’s purpose and few fun movies slated for June too. Just go with the flow for a day, add the popcorn, candyfloss, coke and the pizza for a day, that doesn’t hurt too much.

6) Travel local

Travel Local: ITS FUN

Summer vacations = Enjoying a faraway land !

Yes that’s so true and of course it’s the much-required break everyone needs. But there’s also plenty of beauty within the city you live, we so get engrossed into our everyday life that we forget to appreciate what’s local and easily available.

While travelling to other destinations seems far more exciting, local travel can also be as much fun and good learning for kids if you have very little time to invest in a long holiday. Plus the benefit of local sightseeing is to explore the city and learn facts about the vibrant city you are a part of. You along with your kids can actually choose the local attractions as per your convenience as you live in that city, you can always reschedule if you are unable to fit in all those in a day to avoid the exhaustion and boredom.

While I have been living in Mumbai for past few decades, my daughter hasn’t really travelled the lifeline of Mumbai – the local train and to top it all I still haven’t explored Mumbai the way I would ideally wanted to. This gives us a wonderful opportunity where my daughter & I get to explore the whole of Mumbai.

Few cues on how to go about this tip!

  • Explore and walk down the busy streets. Let your child observe how people sell items on road and crowded places each day while they are off to school in their posh AC classy classrooms.
  • Expose them to the essence of Mumbai. Mumbai is the only metropolis, which has everything packaged in one. It’s very modern and contemporary yet a little old fashioned. It accommodates the rich and the poor, it offers the cheapest cuisine like vada pav at the same time the plush 5-star accommodations.
  • Carry a map with you. Take pictures of every single thing you could find interesting, you never know what the city might look post a decade.
  • Use the local commute, it’s rushed, it’s chaotic, it’s messy and still, it is fun ( our kids have to see the other side of their cosy lovely world too, I am adamant about that)
  • Travel by auto rickshaws, taxis, double-decker buses (there are a few routes that still have these gorgeous double decker busses running on Mumbai streets). It was a huge excitement factor for me (when I was a kid) I ensured I got the front seat on the top tier and let the wind blow my hair all over my face. Whatta Fun!
  • Take kids shopping local produce, do on-street shopping instead of the high-end shopping malls and supermarkets. The whole purpose is to help them realize that buying local helps the local bhaiyas and vendors whose lilvlihood depends on us.
  • Take them to the cultural and heritage buildings and monuments and bazaars and Chowpatty.

7) Build the muscle, much before the new academic year re-starts

It’s advisable to keep the practice of holding the pencils and sitting with a book at a stretch for 15 minutes in place. Kids complain of their hands hurting the first few days of school, simply because they have gotten out of the practic of writing at long stretches of time and this can be taxing for the kids once they rejoin school after long vacations. To avoid this, get the kid to write a paragraph or two from their school assignments or just any creative writing book or story book.

We hope you enjoy one, two or all the above ideas given. Happy Holidays!

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Contributed by: Dr. Poonam

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