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Mompreneur? 3 simple steps to be super successful!

3 simple steps to be a super successful mompreneur


When I  was focusing on super moms raising super kids and creative entrepreneurs, I was deeply inspired. And I wanted to share my idea with everyone as a mompreneur. But I had lots of fears and doubts and then I was also getting overwhelmed with my personal commitments with regards to my daughter and taking care of the house all at the same time with as much finesse.

Though I knew in my gut that building this business was integral to my purpose. I knew that sharing my learnings as a mother and building a business alongside and helping other moms doing the same was my mission. So while I believe that each role you play is of as much importance, I don’t want you to lose focus on YOURSELF. You are designed to a mompreneur!

Commit to your dreams; be honest to yourself

It’s all about recognizing the real you and your purpose in life. You are not just the Mother you think you are, not the daughter and certainly not just the daughter-in-law you are expected to be. You have and will always play these various roles diligently as and when expected. What’s most important is: Who are YOU?, the real YOU. The YOU that wants to make a difference in the larger community. The joy you want to experience when someone other than your family appreciates the value you brought in their day and life.

One of the most successful ways of experiencing that is by starting out on your own; offering your specialty, your skills and your talents to benefit others and getting gratified for it. Commit to that dream and see the magic unfold. Many times we give up on our dreams thinking it’s too big or it’s beyond our imagination.

Believing in yourself and the tremendous power you have is all you need to fulfill your dreams. And as my most favourite person in the world @ Marie Forleo says “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” OMG! I get gooseflesh every time I read that quote…… So, you are not only depriving yourself of the joy and fulfillment but also are committing a crime by not giving it to the ones in need. What mindset should one have to be able to develop a business and be a mom-preneur?

Be Unstoppable

Most moms are in the ‘Either or’ set-up, ‘Both” is out of the question. We mean that moms think putting time into business or work would take them away from family and work responsibilities, which would over-ride their responsibilities as a mom. And we must not focus on the balance …….coz drumrolllllll that DOESN’T exist. It doesn’t!!! It’s always situational. You will have to prioritize every single minute, every hour of the day. So don’t shy away for making that commitment to your dream and your passion. Go and figure out the stuff you need to do.

Get over that fear, cut the chords that hold you back, and go make those BIG plans. Take action in midst of all the chaos, meet most deadlines, miss a few, realign, and get started again. And YES don’t forget to celebrate the small wins becuase you don’t want to be hard on yourself and fizzle out mid-way.

Trust the universe, Your wish is its command

Now, A lot of mompreneurs have a challenge asking for help. Getting help is not equal to I am not capable of doing this or mein abla naari nahi hoon…no it’s not, this melodrama happens only in the horrible saas bahu serials on the tube, not in real life. Learn to ask. We believe in a simple funda – ‘You ask you get, you no ask you no get’ The universe gives what you ask for, so be very very very careful and choose your words and thoughts wisely. Go back in time when you were a kid, you didn’t have to worry about the food you ate, the clothes you wore and playthings you got, it all came in timely, just when you needed those – I know I know your Parents provided for it, but The UNIVERSE is pretty much like it.

Wish for it with your eyes closed tightly and see it happen in real life, attract it and trust me, whatever that you wished for will make its way into your life. When it does you will be surprised how it happened, and that’s the trick don’t doubt it. Someone somewhere will show up and make it happen for you. We should be mindful of the signs given and most importantly “Always believe that everything happens for a reason.”

Contributed by: Dr. Poonam Kage

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