I am building a dream & living a life that’s meaningful and purposeful while helping my daughter achieve the same for herself. I aim to reach out and share my journey with like-minded & evolved mothers to become their self-best and inspire other parents along the ride!

It was special being born to two lovely grounded people. My father, an entrepreneur, mom an awesome homemaker and an elder sister who doted on me made the setting perfect.

On looking back, now I realize how blessed we sisters were, to get good schooling and a balanced upbringing. It had VALUES inbuilt in it and we blossomed into our own personas.

The values, simple as they sound were habits we inculcated that gradually became a rock solid foundation that helped us grow.

Some of them I can recall and love to share them with you:

  1. Smile: It fills one up with positive energy, it makes the face go prettier and it also brightens up someone else’s life. How cool is that!
  2. Share: If you have something or know something, share it with someone who doesn’t, it simply spreads abundance.
  3. Respect: Everyone ! It boomerangs back to you. It’s magic, try it. Respect the doorkeeper as much as the one behind the door.
  4. Work is worship: This is sacred. He who works finds dignity. No work is big or small, it just needs to be done and not tomorrow, or today…it is always NOW.
  5. Find personal happiness: Work done well has it’s own reward. Find your happiness but with a joy that emanates out and envelopes all. Our joy cannot be at the cost of someone’s tears. Personal happiness is never a zero-sum game, it’s a game of ABUNDANCE. Seek it, Find it, Treasure it and then Share it.
  6. Cherish your sparkle: The mind allows us the wisdom to choose the right path but it is our heart that brings in joy to that journey. Be you, be bold and follow your heart. The heart always wins.
  7. Engage to inspire: Our dreams are important, but sometimes they can’t be achieved alone. Inspire others along your journey, the success is assured and multiplied.
  8. Don’t subtract if you can’t ADD. Always be a positive influencer in other’s life.
  9. Communication: Feedback is important. Praise in public and fire in private.
  10. Family comes first – PERIOD!

Academically, I acquired a specialization in Psychology & an Advanced Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training – Classroom management. I also pursued a Diploma in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, handled HR functions at a Top Ad agency, all this was before the personal titles started rolling in. Wife to a mariner, then Mother to a lovely girl– whom I named Tisha, who grew up into a kind, lovable and a friendly kid. So much so that people around us admired her and often complimented me about doing somethings right with respect to parenting. On reflecting, yes they were right: The Rollercoaster Mommy Way’ parenting style that was possibly routine for me; had done wonders for Tisha (not to take away the credit from her for being an amazing child herself) & this mantra needed to be shared with more parents, but how? And that’s how RollerCoaster Edutainment took birth, my second baby.

RollerCoaster Edutainment took off and as parents started entrusting their children to the RollerCoaster way, a new finding was there in store for me. I realized that it is a lot to do with the mother and the way she nurtures the little one – as much as it is about the child itself. It was evident; Super Mums create and nurture Super Kids. This is now the mission – We not only conduct Life Readiness Program, a year long curriculum to raise happy and confident children but also coach ambitious women just like you. We help you find your missing cape; one that you unfastened in the call of a different duty maybe as a wife, a mother or even as a professional. RollerCoaster shall help you to fasten it back again and enable you to play any role with supreme power, passion & poise.

This joyride promises YOU an experience of a lifetime and will help you: Connect with like-minded moms, Create opportunities for personal growth and success, Conquer your fears & Celebrate You !