I’m super excited you are here ! If you have come all the way and reached me, there’s a reason why ! And this is not about me >>> it says a lot about you… You’re an aspiring, motivated, conscious achiever who’s ready to take on not only your parenting skills to the next level – but also interested in evolving PERSONALLY !

You are super-passionate and you’re about doing everything RIGHT ! You love taking up new challenges and projects. You are excited about launching a new business idea that’s been nudging you for a while. In your mind you see it growing exponentially and are raring to grow a business that allows you to do whatever you love full-time (that’s financially gratifying too !). But then suddenly, you get this jolt of fear as soon you get a peek into the upcoming dreadful week at office or you see your kid running up to you with a project submission that’s due tomorrow; which makes you feel you may not be just prepared yet to take the leap, feeling over-whelmed or simply don’t want to take up anything new, coz you feel it will throw you off the balance…the same balance you have somehow managed to create at home. Buttttt… if you are taking care of a home and the office and eagerly looking for ways to do more in half time and build something that you can call YOURS ! Then Lo & Behold … You are in the right place Ladyyy !

I went through a similar experience so I get it – FULLY and TOTALLY. I was working for the largest, most iconic youth brand in the world – MTV. I had a position that most people dreamed of having; working as the corporate communications director, the glam world had opened it’s arms to me – shoots, press conferences, shows and product launches, large format events and the works – I enjoyed it all – Though, somewhere deep down I knew I was meant for MORE. All I wanted to do was fulfill my passion for creating something of my own and also be able to inspire women to achieve MORE for them selves AND I wanted this all at the same time.

One fine day, I decided I am done serving the corporate world. I resigned, one thing I knew about myself (and my sister too, who I partnered to kick start RollerCoaster Edu.) was that we were honest, dedicated and weren’t going to GIVE UP EVER!

It felt good and scary at the same time, our business was picking up and I could now do the things I loved to do. After acquiring an Advanced  Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training with specialization in classroom management, we were successfully conducting workshops and events and engaging lots of kids and parents.

Now… now… I know you’re thinking, this worked for me coz I had my sister by my side and that you don’t see that support system in place for yourself; but then I believe that my support showed up because I took a decision! I decided I wanted to be out of my job, do more and be happier.

Wake up and smell the coffee gurl! Shake yourself up a lil, you are born to be more, do more and offer more. You can be the change you want to see; to better your life and I can help you achieve all that and more.

I am inviting you to find out how you can overcome challenges, stay inspired and learn new tips & tricks that will help you grow in life & business.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stay connected. Looking forward to fun times with you!